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Renegade Series at the University of Maryland

Fifth House Ensemble's flutist and executive director discusses how her experiences growing up in a multicultural, multilingual family developed her skills as a cultural chameleon. Her current work leverages her capacity to create connections and common language to generate projects that engage international partners, source collaborators from wildly diverse disciplines and result in genre-defying artistic experiences. This session will explore how learning to listen and engage with team members from diverse backgrounds, whether of culture or expertise, leads not just to inclusion but to richly rewarding work.

Renegade is a series of recitals, masterclasses and talks that seek to empower students in forging unique and innovative career paths by bringing to campus the most creative minds in our field. Whether seasoned professionals or young entrepreneurs, Renegade speakers are influential thinkers who have plowed musical paths beyond the concert hall and touched lives in powerful and expressive ways.