About the Fresh Inc Festival

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Since 2012, Fresh Inc has helped performerscomposers, and pre-formed ensembles to envision and launch their own authentic careers in music, rooted in adventurous genre-defying collaboration, entrepreneurial thinking, and meaningful partnerships with audiences and community.

During this 2-week intensive, you will:

  • Participate in a comprehensive curriculum of workshops that foster experimental thinking and provide you with the entrepreneurial skills to sustain a fulfilling life in the arts

  • Add professional headshots and performance videos to your artistic portfolio

  • Premiere 24 new works of chamber music developed during the festival alongside established repertoire

  • Design and present 11 performance experiences for audiences of all types throughout Chicago and Milwaukee side-by-side with Fifth House Ensemble

  • Receive one-on-one mentorship and instruction with instrumental and composition faculty

  • Become a part of Fresh Inc’s creative community, sustaining relationships with an active and evolving network of cultural change makers whose work continuously reinvents the role of the musician to bring about a connected world