Act I Performance Partner - Lillstreet Art Center

As most of you know, one of the most popular parts of our subscription series is our collaborations. Last year's performance partners included Joel Hall Dance, Gingarte Capoeira, Merit School of Music Musicians, and CircEsteem.

Lest you think we aren't constantly expanding our horizons, I'm proud to share the results of our latest partnership! I had the pleasure of visiting the Intuitive Painting Class at Lillstreet Art Center, a fantastic place for people of all ages and experiences to explore their creativity.

Our lucky guinea pigs got sneak previews of the repertoire for Act I, painting works inspired by our music. I was completely amazed by how much was created in just a few hours, and can't wait to share their pieces with you at our concert. Some works will be used in projection during the performance, but we'll have a gallery of works for you to experience before and after the show as well as at intermission.

So a huge thanks to Melanie Brown, Amy Mayfield, and the brilliant artists of Lillstreet!