It's Getting Hot in Here--Weekly Inspiration from 5HE Violinist, Drew Williams

Since it's so hot this week, we're keeping our installment of weekly inspiration short & sweet so you can get back to your regularly scheduled cooling off!  This week's snippet is brought to you by our superbly talented violinist, Drew Williams.  Check back next week for another installment! Man its hot.  Speaking of hot, I'm preparing to heat it up with the fiddle part of Beethoven's Septet (otherwise known as violin concerto #2) at Rush Hour on August 30th.  Its also gonna get a little steamy as we start to prepare David Little's Piano Trio for the fall.  The piece simply rocks.  I broke a sweat the other day working through Mendelssohn's d minor piano trio and was pretty stoked to bring Jacob TV's Nivea Hair Care Styling Mousse back into the stack.  Thank God for air conditioning, 'cause these pieces are just too hot to handle. Fifth House Ensemble