"Lost in the Forest"

Tell us about a time when you saw a spider and/or a spider web. What did you like or what didn’t you like about seeing them? How do you feel about spiders and their webs in general? images"I lived in Seattle for one year, and my Aunt lives out there too, and she lives on the edge of a very big forest, and I don’t know if you know what Seattle is like, but it’s very, very wet there. It rains a lot; it's also warmer than Chicago, so that means the plants grow all year long, so they get really thick, and they get what you call rain forests  It’s not like the tropical rain forests in Brazil. But big overgrown leaves that hangout, and it’s very lush, and very green, and very thick. So I used to go for walks behind her house in the forest, and sometimes I used to take her dog, and he knew the way, and so we didn’t have him on the leash, and I thought I knew the way.  It was a little little path down this really big hill…through…over this big little creek, and it looped around, and it came up through the neighborhood . I would walk back, and it was kind of dusk but I thought I had plenty of time to walk back, and I don’t know if any of you have ever had this experience, but, as I was walking through the woods, I felt as if I had spider webs on me, and all of a sudden I was feeling these spider webs. And I, and I looked down, and I looked up and I realized that the sun was setting, and I didn’t know where I was, and I just kept feeling the spider webs, and I would see the spider, and then I would see all different kinds of these fat spiders, and then a little spider, and then, I…I…I just started feeling like the forest was closing in on me, and there was like spiders all over me cause as I felt anxious, because I didn’t know how to get home, and then, so, I just started to like, to like run."