Navy Pier Maze

Tell us about a time you were being carefully watched, or a time you were stuck somewhere you didn’t like.  How was everyone else acting? What did you do?



“I was really young when this happened. I was, I wanna say like seven or younger. And my cousins were visiting… Chicago, so of course we had to go to Navy Pier. And uh, me, my brother, and my older cousin – who were all the same age, um – wanted to go into the maze. And of course I wanted to go into the maze too. I don’t know if you guys have ever been in it, but, it’s like, a lot of mirrors and a lot of different lights, and it’s kind of dark in there, and they play like music. But… so I was excited to go in, and… So we went in, and at first I was kind of scared ‘cause they put you in this little elevator and it kind of shakes around, ‘cause you’re supposed to be going down floors. So I got kind of scared, I was scared of that. And then we get into the maze, and it’s dark, and it’s a lot of people, and everybody’s running around. And I lost track of my brother and my cousin. So, it was just me, and I was… not that smart then, so I could not find my way out of the maze. And everyone else had already gone, and there’s like different sections that you go through after that. And I was just lost in the maze, and I could not find how to get to the next part of, the… maze. Like… there was like other things to do in there. And I was like, really scared, and it was like… I just wanted to get out of there so bad. And it kind of, um… the music kind of goes with that, ‘cause when I was listening to it, I was thinking like someone trying to find their way out of somewhere and it kind of literally relates to this experience. And, I just remember, I found like, the emergency exit, and I was about to open it and I was like, I don’t want to stay here any longer and the music was scaring me. But I was – I didn’t open it because I didn’t want any alarms to go off and cause a big scene. So I just… to solve the problem, I just stood there until the next group came in and I just followed someone… out. And later my mom got mad at my cousin and my brother for leaving me, and she said like, “what happened to her, where did she go?” But yeah, it just… um, when I heard the music, I immediately thought of that story and trying to find my way out of … that scary maze.