The Augmented Fifth - 11/19/2017

Sunday, November 19, 2017

That's it! We need a break! 

As many of you know, living in close proximity to others inevitably leads to those individuals wanting to murder each other. To avoid having any members finding their head impaled on a flute like in an Indiana Jones movie arguments, we have elected now to be a good time to take our Thanksgiving recess. We hope that you miss us in our week away from performances and that your loss inspires you to hire us for future engagements at 9 AM on Monday, November 27.

The Michigan State tour from this past week was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who made it possible. Now if we could only find a tour that featured the horn. It's ok though, I have 2 degrees in counting rests so I'm prepared. 



Your Family's Residence Address

Your Family's Town, Your Family's State

Enjoy your stock parents, your stock dinner and your stock annoying siblings this Thursday!

[Insert obligatory statement about family at Thanksgiving being generally terrible] [Insert obligatory statement about falling asleep and/or loosening notches on your belt from eating to much]



Following what was a truly inspiring performance by the women of Deborah's Place at "Each Other's Harvest" with members of Fifth House on Thursday night, I've been digging me some blues. What better music to pick to accompany my embarrassing apartment crooning than Freddie King? Dammit, this is some good stuff...


TOP 10

  1. Already mentioned but worth putting at number 1 all the same, the women of Deborah's Place gave a remarkable performance of their original songs crafted in their residency with Fifth House on Thursday night! The event "Each Other's Harvest", a partnership between Fifth House, Unsilence, The Literary Guild Complex and many more, was a great success and a wonderful time was had by all talking about an extremely important topic.

  2. Fifth House had a fun and secret meeting with composer Daron Hagen. I definitely didn't cry after it was over!

  3. Herine and Katherine win the award for flexibility this week by combining two of our most popular OneShot Concerts together on the fly to keep the attention of 350+ K-5th graders. Way to think on your toes and not be swallowed whole by a sea of wigglers!

  4. Danny and Jessica had a Peer Skill Session to learn how to be better. Way to take initiative you two!

  5. Parker contributed to a woodwind quintet coaching via Skype. No number of miles will keep him from picking on other horn players!

  6. Deuce lent me a microphone that I didn't even end up using. Sorry for interrupting the D&D session for no reason!

  7. Michael gave us some great ideas on how to improve our experience design for future performances. Thanks Michael!

  8. Aubrey Leaman, our Education Intern, was throughly disgusted by Dan as he decided to talk about poop on the staff call. Way to go Dan, you idiot.

  9. Charlene is good at violin.

  10. Elizandro is a master at improvising and I will be contacting him very soon about how to suck less.



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It's Thanksgiving Break



PSA: In your hasty grab for the turkey, make sure that someone doesn't replace it with a dog toy shaped like turkey. This is a real threat and if you're not careful, it can seriously harm the ego of you or your family members. You have been warned.


Also, I know the video say rubber chicken, not turkey. Get off my ass...





The best breakfast in the entire world.

The Scrambler

Mickey's Dairy Bar - Madison, WI



It's time for the 12th Annual Fifth House Road Trip Cheeto Challenge! Please feel free to cast your votes for which Cheeto wins to

Spoiler Alert: the decision has already been made and Flamin' Hot is still the king.



Eric Snoza

For perpetuating the stereotype that you're not a bass player unless you're wearing a hat that went out of style centuries ago