The Augmented Fifth - 11/26/2017

Sunday, November 26, 2017

He-he-he-he-here we go!

I hope you're all rested because we here at Fifth House Ensemble are throughly sick of lazy attitudes. We've decided to celebrate by working ourselves stupid to make up for it. This week marks the beginnings of our new, Living Language program and there's little room for much else as we lead into Christmas. Seriously, you'd be better off picking out your own casket than asking Danny to fit something into the calendar for you.

That being said, we hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and are ready to watch us at our finest! Also, be sure to read some of the other blog posts on to find out more information on our Living Language program.



Teen Living Programs - Belfort House

3745 South Indiana Avenue Chicago, IL 60616



I've been spending a fair amount of time with my loop pedal lately, and there are few places better to gain inspiration on the effectiveness of looping than Bobby McFerrin. Not to mention, we've been adopting some of his activities on teaching pentatonic scales into our residency visits (ask Eric to hop around for you sometime).

Practicing this music with a loop pedal also confirms my long suspicion that the world does in fact revolve around me. So that's nice.


TOP 10

  1. The clients of our Teen Living Programs residency will be giving a performance of their original blues songs this coming Thursday, November 30. Deuce, Grace, and I can't wait for others to see the amazing work these young adults have brought to this project!

  2. Jason Vieaux will have his first rehearsal with Fifth House Ensemble this week. I hope someone documents his face when he realizes what he's gotten himself into. Disclaimer: this does not refer to our musical ability. Please come see us perform. We is good.

  3. Melissa has officially edited one of these posts. Don't you worry, I won't let this blog fall into the hands of the Man. Fight the Power, etc...

  4. Deuce made a neato Facebook video that's getting a lot of attention. Shameless plug.

  5. Charlene texted me at 4am last Monday morning because she was the only other soul I knew awake at such an ungodly hour for holiday travel.

  6. Dan laughed at a comment

  7. Danny ate some off brand Pringles otherwise known as Prongles. Yes, they do actually exist.

  8. Parker ran a 5k on Thanksgiving morning. He is now seriously jealous of Deuce's gout wheelchair as he can no longer go down stairs.

  9. Eric shared the Augmented Fifth on his personal Facebook page. Thanks for the support! As for the rest of you, what the hell is the matter with you? Do you think this is a game?

  10. Herine sent me a work email over break. This had to go at #10 because I can't put it any lower while still making my whining visible to everyone.



No more Thanksgiving,

Living Language: it is time,

Get back to work, you!



For those of you who may not know, a life of chamber music has us constantly on the go. That means that a lot of time is spent with us on the road and having to catch meals when we can. This fine young gent has managed to film an exact recreation of my mealtime coming up this week. Every second counts!



In honor of Dan's concerto starting rehearsal this week.




One of many plates of Thanksgiving food curtesy of the Conrad family!

Willow Street, PA



The only thing I could bring myself to buy on Black Friday. As it turns out, if Melissa and Dan text you enough pictures of this dumb cat, it will begin to assimilate into every facet of your life.



Eric Heidbreder

For making some totally kick ass logos for this blog! Thanks Deucical!