The Augmented Fifth - 1/14/2018

Sunday, January 14, 2018

It was one hell of a week but we're still standing and ready for whatever 2018 has left to throw at us. Honestly though, 2018, please stop. Your older brother, 2017, has done enough.

Fifth House has got a week of planning ahead of us with some exciting opportunities by the end. Come join us for our open reading of Orson Rehearsed at Roosevelt, and for a Reed Trio performance at Merit! We'll be there, doing what we do. You can watch.



Orson Rehearsed - Open Reading

Chicago College of Performing Arts

Mikowsky Hall (Room 907)

430 Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL 60605, USA,


January 19, 2018



I was standing in a store the other day and I had one of those moments where I knew I knew a song but I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was or where I knew it from.

After hours and hours of torturing myself trying to remember, my sheer force of will helped me to remember the name and the artist. Big thanks to all my high school marching band buddies for helping me with this one. Nice little trip down memory lane.


TOP 10

  1. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is coming! We'll be celebrating by sitting in a room together. Maybe someone will bring donuts! *cough* Grace *cough*

  2. Parker has been working on getting all of the Illinois Arts Council Association grants in on schedule. Don't worry, he's extremely chill about it and is not at all going to sit in cake later...

  3. Of Time and Space was a success at Hitch Public School! Specials thanks to Kim and Barb for making it possible!

  4. Deuce and Eric helped us record some clips for TOP SECRET PROJECT! I'll be dropping hints over the next couple of issues about what it is, so get your pen and pad ready, you conspiracy theorists, you!

  5. Jessica is going to the dentist on Wednesday. Clean those choppers!

  6. Melissa will be sharing how to fund your dreams. I guess that means she'll be sharing how she filled her house, her car, her work bag, and her soul with Hello Kitty.

  7. Elizandro is back in town. Hope you're ready to freeze your ass off.

  8. Aubrey, our education intern, retains her #8 spot by creating some clever, new OneShot! titles.

  9. Danny's phone didn't break. Call him a lot to make sure it's still in working order.

  10. We're having a party on Sunday! You're not invited. Love you!



Ensemble Meeting

Ingenuity Summit

Orson Rehearsed, phew!



Did you know that it's cold outside? Well at least for those are aren't Chicago natives. But fear not, you don't need space heaters or electric blankets to have a good time in the cold. Check out these Amish folks enjoying some horse and buggy donuts!



Seriously, why is this happening?



Can you believe that I was in the presence of this lovely dish? Me neither.

Thanks stock photos for covering my forgetfulness in taking a picture of the actual thing.



This is a little bit of throwback, but seeing as how I never got a chance to use it, here is your photo of the week!

This is one photo that the world deserves to see.



Katherine Petersen

Need a recommendation for a piece to fill out your program? This is your gal.