The Augmented Fifth - 12/10/2017

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Had enough yet? No? Well fine then.

We're on week 3 of 3 in-between Thanksgiving and Winter Break and by some miracle, we're all still kicking. Seeing as how we've had our first real snowfall and that we're headed towards a break, Fifth House is going to start the holiday celebration early. Get ready for an Augmented Fifth Christmas Part 1!

Fifth House is headed to Philadelphia this week as a part of LiveConnections and can't wait to be in Jason Vieaux's backyard. Also, maybe we'll find some National Treasure with the map we found on the back of the score for Living Language.

If you're in Philly, come out to see us!




Living Language at LiveConnections

Wednesday, December 13, 8pm - 10 pm



For you classical music buffs out there, check out this song that was inspired by Pierre Boulez.

That's actually not a joke, look it up.


TOP 10

  1. Congratulations to all of the talented women at Deborah's Place on their fabulous final performance. Our board president is not an easy sell, and he loved it too!

  2. Dan got all of us in line for the Curtis Speaker Series. Thanks for telling us what's what.

  3. Herine doesn't have pink eye.

  4. Students of Roosevelt University's String Chamber Music program have completed their first residency with us and had some wonderful performances for students and adults alike over the past month! Congrats you crazy kids!

  5. Katherine plays one mean wine glass. Be on the lookout for her wine glass method book coming soon.

  6. Melissa drank the tears of imaginary animals. Word is that they were delicious

  7. Deuce and Parker lost their radio broadcast virginity.

  8. Grace defied all odds and played oboe despite being a zombie. Enjoy your brainy reeds!

  9. Eric is the Fifth House Morgan Freeman. Let us know if you need any voice over for nature documentaries or prison stories. But seriously...

  10. Charlene did some improvising. Give her any note and she can improvise on it. Be sure to do that when you see her next. Don't take no for an answer.




Philadelphia, again

Fifth House plays music



All this time I thought this was a song about feelings. Turns out it was about a large group of oddly named people. That's why you all read this right? To learn stuff? You're welcome.



For those of you looking for gifts this holiday season!



What a huge response to last week's sad Wendy's! Take a look a the best steakhouse and supper club in the entire world!

The HobNob

Racine, WI



And here we find our beautiful oboe player, Grace Hong, as she prepares to teach some children. Truly inspiring!


Melissa Snoza

Welcome Back!