The Augmented Fifth - 2/4/2018

Sunday, February 4, 2018

How about that Super Bowl, huh?? Let's celebrate the underdog by discussing some good times here Fifth House Ensemble. We had a fabulous week at Grand Teton Music Festival and inspired by the great educational work and performances by our Americana and Reed Trios, we decided to add a new segment to the Augmented Fifth called our Weekly Spotlight. Here,  you will be able to read a story, interview, or behind the scenes write up from one of our artists or staff regarding some of our current projects.

Hope you enjoy and that you're full of horrible food.

For the Eagles fans, CONGRATULATIONS!!

For the Pats fans, keep reading, you'll feel better.



Thursday, February 8, 2018 10:00 AM Goethe Elementary School



Grand Teton Music Festival - Written by Eric Heidbreder

Our time at C-V ranch was short, but sweet. We were doing our Graphic Score workshop in 45-minutes (it usually takes 90 minutes). The students at C-V ranch were eager to jump in and start writing graphic scores for our reed trio. With very open instructions, we saw students find creative ways to draw out different textures and instrumentation combinations for our ensemble. One example had four clearly defined sections that represented different emotions.

We wished we could have stayed for longer and continued creating scores with the students at C-V Ranch, but we had more schools to perform at throughout the week.



Most of you from Chicago probably know the Fratellis from that one song that plays when the Blackhawks score goals. In fact, they are an actual band that are awesome and deserve your attention. Here's a song from their EP "The Soul Crush". Patriots fans can use it for when their souls are crushed. Sorry, that was mean.


TOP 10

  1. Congratulations to Grace, Elizandro, Deuce, Charlene, Herine, and Katherine on a successful visit to Grand Teton Music Festival.

  2. Our patron saint, The Yimin, is home!

  3. Eric and Parker overcame the most absurd technical difficulties to give a successful workshop at Northwestern! We did it!!

  4. Surprise! Extra Journey booking that will have us traveling very soon. Details to follow because I don't know if I'm allowed to share yet.

  5. Journey rehearsal is back this week which means Danny gets to die all over again! Woohoo!

  6. Katherine almost bought some taxidermy souvenirs. Why get a pet when you can get a squirrel that is dressed like a hunter?

  7. Eric and Parker will be at Stevenson High School this week to get our graphic score on.

  8. Things happened in Oregon. Talk to the trio folks for more details. You won't believe what happens next!!

  9. Herine put her cello on a shelf just out of reach. You can play Lonesome Roads with just violin and piano right?

  10. Parker didn't run out of food at the Super Bowl Party. The dishes however, are another battle entirely...



Of Time and Space 2

This really is a good show

Thanks Ravinia



There is no context for this. Thanks Akshat for enlightening us all to chickens wearing pants.



Selling seashells by the seashore is not a very good business model





Veggie pasta made by Abbey Springer for the Super Bowl party! Watch out for those mushrooms!



Katherine with a solitary meese.



Grace Hong

Thanks for keeping our Deuce happy by eating Snickers ice cream bars every night. Every. Night.