Issue 19

We were so thrilled to have Jason Vieaux back for what was a marvelous performance of our Living Language show at Ravinia on Saturday night. At the very least, it was nice to have someone to share the large pot of coffee Grace made to keep everyone awake for our 8:30pm start time.

Also, with only the teeniest of logistical freak outs, we are ready for Lawrence University's visit to Chicago this week for their Presto! tour! (Hey, that's a lot of exclamation points!!!!) We will be working with students from Lawrence as they work with some social service organizations in the city this Friday and Saturday.

In the meantime, we will still be here, doing what we do best. Sitting at our computers and taking phone calls for hours and hours and hours Playing music!



Patrick Henry Public School






Artistic Team Internship - Written by Akshat Jain

So...Parker asked me to write about what it’s like to be an intern for Fifth House Ensemble…

It’s kinda nice!

Things I haven’t had to do:

  1. Get coffee for people

Things I do get to do:

  1. Write the occasional social media post advertising an event, or talking about projects that 5HE is currently pursuing

  2. Connect with fresh inc alumni to see what they’re up to, and create posts on the fresh ventures page so that we can brag about all the cool things everyone’s up to.

  3. Call in on staff meetings and hear 5HE members and staff update each other on projects from planning to implementation, with all the quirky little jokes included. Also, Melissa once asked me what I was wearing, but to be fair, I have a ton of cardigans I stole from my mom and she’s just jealous.

  4. I’ve also written a press release, help put program information together, seen how the Degenerate Art program was organized and met some awesome artists and musicians

All in all, it’s a pretty great experience. Fifth House Ensemble is full of super kind, lovable and helpful people! I can honestly say that a lot of the things I’ve started to accomplish in my own personal pursuits wouldn’t have happened without their help.


From the journal of Uncle Traveling Matt:

"This week I regained my 'traveling' title back by trekking to the far northern lands of 'Ravinia'. Just when I thought that I had traveled a great distance, I was taken on another trip across time to discover all of the music that the guitar has influenced. I met a peasant woman, a court musician, a jazz musician, and of course, the always lovely, Jason Vieaux. What a fine fellow he is, and quite the guitarist as well! I can only hope that I meet more collaborators with our lovely band Fifth House very soon."


Do you like electronics? Do you like to swing? If you answered yes to either of those questions, have I got something for you! Check out this little tidbit of the electro-swing genre. Also, if you find yourself really liking this, let me know. We can go to a show and finally end this awkward relationship where you read what I write in this blog and we don't hang out!

TOP 10

  1. Jason Vieaux is a rockstar. Here's to more shows together soon!

  2. Herine is older and didn't continue her unfortunate birthday tradition!

  3. Eric, Melissa, Herine, Charlene, and Jason once again harnessed the power of the mystical elevator and entertained some children with some awesome acting and storytelling.

  4. Thanks to Erin for playing Living Language with us! Who would've guessed we would find a sub who had already played that piece before? Not this blogger.

  5. Danny finally is back in possession of the Journey LIVE Playstations so our next show can indeed happen! Also, the suitcase they were left in had a small hiatus from being covered in cat hair. But to everything turn, turn, turn.

  6. Deuce made some friends on VR chat.

  7. We learned how to record Skype calls and we only screwed it up a little bit when it really mattered.

  8. Antonia made it into the Living Language program and it didn't suck (probably)

  9. Springbo lives and now has a following of Grammy winning artists.

  10. Parker finished his taxes! You can congratulate him in the cardboard box he now lives in.


Luna de Cuernos,

on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday,

Presto! Tour as well.


After a successful performance of Dan Visconti's guitar concerto, Living Language, here's a sneak piece of his next piece for guitar. It almost has as many bends as the first one!


'Beef it up' and 'Ham it up' are two meat based sayings with entirely different meanings


Inspired by my desire to play a conch shell in a Fifth House show.


We've had it with our bread being so round. Thank you Tudor Wine Bar for hosting Herine's birthday and finally giving us the flat bread we desire.

Tudor Wine Bar

Glencoe, IL


How the ladies of Fifth House prep for a concert. (They are actually all looking up crazy names of different lipsticks)


Herine Koschak

I hear its the new 20.