Issue 29

Can you believe it? Only two weeks to go until we arrive in Kenosha for Fresh Inc! In the meantime, we've got projects wrapping up left and right here at Fifth House Ensemble.

Teen Living Programs had their final performance this week, Fifth House was able to tour some of our residency locations in more depth than ever before, and Music Can Tell A Story performances are peppered in all over for good measure!



Peirce Elementary

Lovett Elementary





8:30am (Central)

10:00am (Central)


Changes coming to the Augmented Fifth - written by Parker Nelson

Hey everyone, it's me! So, believe it or not (most likely not, but that's ok), there is a lot of thought and planning that goes into each issue of the Augmented Fifth. This blog started as simply a pet project of mine to disperse my humor and always-full cup of memes, comics, etc. to other people other than the 12 other folks at Fifth House. That being said, the group has really taken a shine to this new thing called blogging and after much teasing about some fo the changes that will be made to the blog, I wanted to discuss a few here.

First a foremost, we are excited to get all of our musicians and staff members in next season's edition of the Augmented Fifth. More than ever before, you'll be hearing directly from Fifth House about the things that have allowed us to be successful. This could be anything from tips on freelancing, how to record instruments correctly, or how to balance work and home life as a professional musician. There will be little tips and tricks for everyone, musician or not, and we are super excited to use this platform to talk to you directly.

Second, I'm happy to announce that the summer will bring some much needed free time to actually figure out how to work within our wonderful WordPress editor. As it turns out, I don't know how to use this platform whatsoever and it's a miracle that I've even been able to get videos in this thing for 29 straight issues. That being said, you can look for some delicious aesthetic changes to our beloved blog coming next season! (Rumor has it that Deuce is also working on a new logo! After all, he did make the first one).

Don't you worry, the funny weekly content won't be going anywhere, and Uncle Traveling Matt already signed his LOE for next season. Of course, we would love to hear from you! What kinds of content are you interested in seeing more of (or less of)? If you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see from the Augmented Fifth, you can email me at


From the journal of Uncle Traveling Matt:

"As you may know by now, snacking is a very important part of being in Fifth House Ensemble. This week I helped facilitate snack choices at a broken vending machine while these two ladies began losing their sanity at not being able to eat some Flammin Hot Cheetos. The lesson here is: Always have snacks on hand for good interpersonal relations."


Researching some new loop tunes and came across this. Rock on, loyal readers. Rock on.

TOP 10

  1. A very special thank you to the staff at the JTDC for allowing us to come and view the facility that we have been working in for the past four years. Being able to see more of that space has already made some big differences in our lesson planning!

  2. Congratulations to all of the participants of our residency program at Teen Living Programs for all of your hard work in creating three original songs! I can't believe how far that project has come!

  3. We reached the halfway point in our residency at NBJ last week and this project has been such a joy to work on so far. Participants were able to receive their halfway point certificate of completion and we were very glad to hand them out!

  4. Grace brought in Snickers bars for everyone! Everyone but my waistline thanks you!

  5. Eric somehow defied all human sense and ate apples instead of cookies. I don't understand it but good for you.

  6. Congratulations to our intern Aubrey on being accepted to participate in Communities in Schools - Chicago's Presentation Skills Cohort this summer! We can't wait to mooch off of your knowledge!

  7. Danny has been super hard at work finalizing everything for Fresh Inc. Thanks Danny!

  8. Jessica and Parker and teaming up to make what could be the best sales in on planet Earth. Hold onto your butts!

  9. Herine had a successful performance at her son's school! Take that other moms.

  10. Dan forgot his pants at brunch. Nothing else to add to that.


Two performances,

Music Can Tell A Story,

Two weeks to Fresh Inc!


Being in a chamber group, close quarters to your fellow musicians for long periods of time can lead to arguments, especially around this time of year. But, seeing as how that never happens at Fifth House, here is a funny argument for your viewing pleasure.


If you found the perfect hiding spot, you didn't find the perfect hiding spot.


Still got some growing up to do...


The official choice of all Fifth House Ensemble Executive Directors!


Behold! SUPER TABLE!!!


Elizandro Garcia-Montoya