Issue 27

We've got some real exciting changes coming to Fifth House Ensemble very soon! We've got the first of our Spring residency final performances this week!. Can you believe that Fresh Inc. is only a few weeks away??? The Augmented Fifth will be changing formats soon and we can't wait to bring you even more great content as we head into our festival weeks!



Deborah's Place - Rebecca Johnson Apartments




11:00am (Central)


Teen Living Programs Residency - written by Eric Heidbreder

This week, we finished up working on a song called "Happiness" which comes from the website Hitrecord, a collaborative production company founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (yes, that JGL). The task for the clients was to create the drum beat for a song project that was almost finished.

We had two new clients join us for this session who had never been in our group before. One was eager to start writing music, the other had no prior experience writing music (but was eager, nonetheless). Once we got into writing, both new members dove in, contributing ideas and commenting about the mix of the song we were working on. We finished writing music early, so one of the clients wanted to add some reverb to the vocal track--his ear told him that it was sticking out a bit. And he was right on! It was great to see these two new members use their ears to identify changes that needed to be made to the song. You can hear the work we did on the drum beat at the following link:


From the journal of Uncle Traveling Matt:

"This week brought a lot of conversations on how to improve the Augmented Fifth for next season. For the first time, Parker had me help with drafting an issue. I must say, it was fun, but some of the changes coming to the blog are going to make these issues even better. Also, I was told that me working on the Augmented Fifth was very 'meta'. Whatever that means."


Shamelessly pitching one of our collaborators here with a song from their new album. They also played an amazing show last night in Berwyn!

TOP 10

  1. We had a very successful board meeting on Monday night which we were happy to have Dan Visconti be a part of!

  2. Charlene, Herine, and Katherine and Danny had another 2 successful performance of Americana for Ravinia.

  3. Dan and Melissa had a successful meeting!

  4. Dan and Parker have some exciting new updates to bring to the Augmented Fifth very soon!

  5. Parker had a great meeting with his high school band director about some possible education projects in our upcoming season!

  6. Eric continues to work hard with the kids at Seward Elementary!

  7. Deuce and Grace are working hard with the participants at TLP and are prepping for their final performance in 2 weeks!

  8. Danny ran a 5k! What a champ!

  9. Henhouse Prowlers sound just as good as ever and we're looking forward to working with them again soon.

  10. Eric, Danny, Deuce, and Parker had a great time collecting infinity stones in Evanston!


Deb's Place Final show,

TLP Final next week!

Real exciting times!


The closest I got to exercising this week...


Let's just take a moment to thank Mother Nature for both pre-slicing and pre-wrapping oranges.


Turns out this is where all the money is.


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Uncommon Ground

Chicago, IL


According to Drinkify, here is your suggested drink for listening to Fifth House Ensemble. Cheers!


Eric Snoza

Our foundation on so many levels. Get it? Because you play bass.