The Shape of Things -- Weekly Inspiration from Carole


This week's Weekly Inspiration was written Thursday night by Carole!  Hey, that's me!  I'm finding it very difficult to write an introduction to my own blog post, so instead of an introduction, I wish all of our Chicago area followers safe travels in this wonderful, snowy weather we're having! This last week, while driving to and from my part time job as a barista at a big box store, I pulled out the CD that I used in preparation for In Transit: #thisrocks that had recordings of all of the music from that concert on it.  I love the music from that show.  I hate to play favorites, but I think the music from #thisrocks is some of my favorite music that we've played since I've been a part of 5HE.  Anyways, when I burned the CD of all of the recordings, I put the movements in show order so that I could listen to the CD straight through to help learn it better.

While I was driving home a couple of nights ago, listening to the CD, I was struck by how wonderfully each movement flowed into the next, even though it wasn't the movement that each original composer intended to come next.  Fifth House does this for every show: the music is put in the order that best tells the story.  And it's wonderful.  As we're preparing for the next part of our In Transit series, I can't wait to hear how the music in #wink flows.  Hearing the music live and in order for the first time is one of the most exciting steps of my part of the rehearsal process.

What else is inspiring me today?  The fact that my work with Fifth House is done from home, and I had today off at my barista job, so I could be happily getting work done in my apartment this afternoon while watching the snowfall outside and listening to the news report how awful the evening commute would be.  :)


Photo taken from my apartment window tonight while it was snowing.