Things That Made Me Tear Up Last Week

This few-days-late Weekly Inspiration Blog post was written by our education coordinator, Anna.  Anna has been working tirelessly preparing for and transcribing stories from our recent story circle workshops.  Keep reading for some insight from Anna!  

Confession: I am a podcast junkie. I listen to them when I run, when I commute, when I cook....all the time. One of my weekly favorites is Pop Culture Happy Hour - just cheeky enough to keep me listening and always introducing me to more fun ideas on what to read and how to procrastinate! At the end of every podcast, each member of the staff tells listeners one or two things that are making them happy - usually YouTube videos, releases of books, absurd news stories, or family events. In honor of that reminder that there is always something to smile about, and our recent story circle events, here is a list of things that are making me tear up this week (get your tissues ready...):

1) This video posted by Eric called "Best Coin Ever Spent." Don't we all need a little more impromptu Joy (and Beethoven) in our lives?

2) This story circle response from a boy at Beasley Academic Center (where we started a residency last week!) that ends with "And with the money I had from Europe... I helped all the people in poverty."

3) This realization I had while going through the story circle responses about "perfect days" from dozens of students at Beasley Academic Center: they all want to travel. They all want to feel important. Most of them would spend the perfect day with their families. And no matter how exciting their perfect day is, they all want to wake up and end up back at home. At heart...we're all about the same when it comes to our perfect days. Check out some more responses to the music from this show our past Caught show here!

4) Finally, this video of a turtle eating a raspberry. Excuse me while I double over in tear-jerking laughter over how absurdly awesome this is.

Inspired to hear more stories? Mark your calendars for our upcoming Caught performances in early May!