We're 12 years old

Ok - organizationally, we're even younger than that. But in terms of what we find funny, being out in the woods amongst friends brings out the tween in all of us. We're running rehearsal after rehearsal, with very little time in between. Here's Jenny, going to her happy place with a song titled "It Gets Better" as she is shooed off the stage by Adam.


We also eavesdropped on a toy piano jam session, in which Vanilla Ice was brought back from the dead. Eric Snoza would be so proud.


Mealtime isn't fun unless you're sitting next to Uncle Davy. I wasn't quite sure how to eat matzos until he showed us all how.


He also is able to demonstrate the best productivity apps on the iPad to be sure we all have the tools we need to get the job done.

http://vimeo.com/24959689 Fifth House Ensemble