"When Nature Inspires, Artists Create" -- Memories from NMoP from 5HE Violinist, Drew Williams

As many of you know, five 5HE members spent two weeks in Vermont participating in the inaugural New Music on the Point camp working with young composers and musicians.  The following post includes some memories & thoughts from the experience from 5HE violinist Drew Williams.  Enjoy!












On the NMOP website (newmusiconthepoint.com) there is the slogan; "When nature inspires, artists create."  Before the Vermont experience, I was like "how typical." But now that I've had the NMOP experience, I'm like, "dude, I was like, really inspired, and like, I created!"  Maybe it was the great food, or the rustic experience, or perhaps the hyper talented, ultra entertaining, mildly insane presence of David Rakowski.  I remember the power going out for an evening and setting up flashlights so we could rehearse.  I remember the internet going down one night forcing everyone to talk to each other.  I also remember seeing many empty wine bottles in the faculty cabin (wasn't me, promise).  Most of all, I remember a bunch of really talented people getting together in the woods and creating really great music together!  Can't wait for next year..... Fifth House Ensemble