Work and Play

Now that things are really up and running, we're in the midst of a packed schedule of lessons, composing, practicing, rehearsing, planning, and the inevitable fun time! Here's Jenny Beck on her porch, orchestrating the whole day's events.

Just outside, one composer, one pianist and a shovel are making beautiful music together.

In the rec hall, Adam, Drew and cellist Natalie Spehar are rehearsing JacobTV's Nivea for the first time.

And after the laptop phase of her day is complete, Jenny joins Steve in the rec hall to plan out the next day's meals.

That doesn't mean it's all work and no play here at NMOP. Our faithful activities director has several fantastic hikes planned. Photo credits here are from composer David Gottlieb because, of course, I was paddling a boat in the lake at the time.

Here's Herine and Jenny on the first day's hike.

Check out the view!

The next day was a more intense stroll to the Falls of Lana, which look incredible.

So much so that certain crazy people took the opportunity to launch themselves off the cliff.

You first! I'll be right behind you.....!


  Fifth House Ensemble