Weekly Inspiration from Drew!

The first week of October brings you weekly inspiration from our violinist, Drew.  Not only is Drew a truly inspiring violin player, but he also is a newly-wed!  Drew & his beautiful wife Karmen were married in September, and he includes some wonderful pictures from their honeymoon in his post.  And he's right.  Kevin Puts' Arches is a seriously amazing piece.  Check back next Friday for more weekly inspiration!

 What could be more inspiring than playing the Brahms Horn Trio for the 20th time?  No really, this masterpiece is starting to be ingrained in my DNA, and it's awesome!  I mean, my children (if I ever have any) might look like Brahms or something.  Our first subscription series of the year is coming up, and I'm not playing.  That means I get the pleasure of hearing my 5HE cohorts rock the house.  Instead of practicing and rehearsing that stuff, I'll be working on Kevin Puts' Arches, one of the coolest solo violin pieces ever.  You can hear that bad boy Oct. 23rd, 11am on WFMT.  Enjoy the pics of my honeymoon from September.  This is me and my wife, Karmen, hiking in Iceland.

Drew's captions for these pictures:

Karmen and I on top of tall mountain.  Very long, painful day with neat scenery.

Me at a waterfall in Iceland.

Karmen chillin' on mountain, glacier in background.