In Transit: #undercoverhero On Twitter!

The part of my job as the Marketing and Operations Director that I love the most is probably managing our Facebook & Twitter accounts in addition to this blog.  What makes that even better is that our In Transit series FEATURES social media! What does that mean?  It means that the characters from In Transit: #undercoverhero all have Twitter accounts, and I'm in charge of them!  During the last week of August, along with the rest of the 5HE staff and a rockstar team of interns that I lovingly call Team Twitter, I brainstormed usernames for the three main characters.  After profiles were created for each character, the fun part began -- tweeting!  Here are the links to each of the characters' Twitter pages (no log in necessary):


Tim, a middle school comic book nerd -- @SamuraiTim

Quinn, a middle school bully with a complicated history -- @Number1Balla95

Tim's Dad, a teacher at Tim & Quinn's middle school and father of 3 who dreams of being the next Indiana Jones -- @Indy2Traveler

You can also click here for a single page that has all three characters' tweets merged into one feed.


While I am overseeing the Twitter project for In Transit: #undercoverhero, Team Twitter is constantly writing tweets, managing timelines, and re-tweeting  items that they feel each character finds interesting.  The interns on Team Twitter are some of the most creative and fun people I've had the chance to work with!  With every tweet, I'm consistently surprised by the way they take their own personal wit & charm and stream it into the characters.  Every time I read the timelines for the In Transit: #undercoverhero characters, I laugh out loud.

Let me introduce you to the awesome members of Team Twitter!

Melissa Saternus is from Downers Grove and recently graduated with honors with a BM in flute performance from Bradley University.  While at Bradley, she studied both flute and French in Paris for a semester.  She plans to pursue a Masters in Flute Performance as well as a career in marketing.  Melissa created the actual pages for each character, manages the overall scheduling of tweets, and keeps track of Tim's Dad's live timeline.

Sara Noble is from Rochester, NY, but she was born in England.  Sara is a singer who sings mostly classical and musical theatre, and she just recently finished her masters at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ, which is where she also went to undergrad.  She also really loves jazz as well as new & modern American classical music and theater.  She's just getting started with her work in arts administration, but she is really loving it so far!  Sara helped research people for each character to follow, writes tweets for all three characters, and keeps track of Quinn's timeline.

Ross Weijer, Team Twitter's newest member, is from New Providence, NJ, but he now lives in Chicago.  He just graduated from the University of Chicago in June 2011 with a B.A. in Music with an emphasis in composition.  Ross plays the trumpet, but he also picks up the guitar, plays the piano, and composes.  He plays in a six piece free jazz ensemble with some of his friends from U of C, and he really loves the improvisation.  Ross writes tweets and manages Tim's live timeline.


Please know that it's not necessary for you to follow these characters online in order to follow the concert.  If you don't use twitter, or would prefer not to follow them, you will still be able to enjoy a beautiful concert with a fully engaging story!  We've created these pages to enhance the experience and make the characters accessible to our audience so that when you arrive at In Transit: #undercoverhero, you'll feel like you are already friends with the characters.