5HE at Concordia

We had a fantastic time in Ann Arbor yesterday! Concordia University is a model for great integrated arts work. Melissa and Adam had the chance to visit a unique class in the morning taught be three professors: one in music, one in art, and one in literature. Can you imagine a better fit for Black Violet? It was great fun sharing the artistic process with them and preparing them for the Black Violet experience. After that, and a whole lot of rehearsals, we got to play Act II for the first time since our series last year. What fun! Shostakovich, Prokofiev, and Harbison are pretty spikey pieces, but we got to balance out with two of our favorite rock covers: Queen's Death on Two Legs and Muse's Assassin. Special shout out to Matt Koschak for joining us on drum kit!

Onwards and upwards. This weekend we are also providing music for the Spectacle Lunatique at Redmoon Theatre, and our winds appear as part of the MIC 4 Score Festival on Sunday. So much Fifth House... so little time.

Fifth House Ensemble