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Reflections from 5HE's Newest Member, Valerie

This post was written by 5HE's newest ensemble member, horn player Valerie Whitney. Val has been with us since November, and we've loved having her around! Read her post below for a peek inside her brain on her first few months with 5HE, as well as to get a couple preview images from our upcoming Luna de Cuernos performances!

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How I'm Staying Inspired This Winter

It's currently the halfway through winter when the excitement of the holidays are a distant memory and the anticipation of the spring and summer is still just a glimmer in your eye, and you wonder "how am I going to last until spring?" I've found 2 ways to inspire myself to keep trucking on so that I don't perish in the cold snow, and luckily we're at the point in our season when we're thinking a lot about inspiration.

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