"After It Rained"

Tell us about a time when you saw a spider and/or a spider web. What did you like or what didn’t you like about seeing them? How do you feel about spiders and their webs in general? spiderweb-rain001"The last time I saw a spider was, I think last week? On Saturday. It was in my backyard. It had just rained, and it had became sunny, and so I saw a spider web with water droops on it, and it was sparkling. And I was just standing there amazed, I was like this the whole time (gaping mouth). I ran in the house and I told my momma “Come look at this spider web, come look at this spider web!” And she was like “Woooow.” And then its like, this big hairy spider come, shake all the water off, it was like, it looked like a black tarantula but it wasn’t, it was hairy. And my momma just starts screaming, we didn’t have any bug spray or anything because we never have a bug in the house. And then she took a shoe, and she smashed it, but she only smashed half of it. It was still moving and stuff. And then my sister got another one and smashed it, and she stepped on it, and it died."