"Charlie the Spiderman"


Tell us about a time when you saw a spider and/or a spider web. What did you like or what didn’t you like about seeing them? How do you feel about spiders and their webs in general? spider-man_wallpaper_image_01"Well….Once, there was a large spider. He had a owner – his owner’s name was Robbie! Robbie was really short, about 4 feet, 9 inches, and he had a little brother named Charlie. The spider bit Charlie, on the finger, and Charlie had superpowers like spiderman. So Charlie went around saving people. Then, Charlie, thought the spider, he was dying, but Charlie saved his life! Then Charlie took the spider on a walk, and the spider got into a fight with a seagull. The spider won, ‘cause Charlie, who was spiderman, helped him. Then one day, they were climbing on walls, and the mother seagull, it was bawking hoo-hoo-hoo! Then the mother seagull lost too, because the incredible hulk came…then Charlie went back home, took off his little spiderman costume, and the next day, Charlie woke up, ate breakfast, and he went on another adventure."