Around Chicago in 8 days!


It has been an incredible week of performances! In the last 8 days, we've had 8 live shows, a radio broadcast, a TV spot, and a webinar, and boy are our arms tired! We kicked things of with the Merit School of Music's Performathon, performing the works of student composers, then proceeded on to a salon concert, a broadcast on the Afternoon Shift with Steve Edwards on WBEZ, a spot on WGN's Mid-day News, a webinar for, then performances of In Transit: #wink at the South Shore Cultural Center, the Arts Club of Chicago, the Chicago Cultural Center, Grace United Methodist Church in Naperville, and First United Methodist Church in Kenosha. Not to be left out of the fun, the reed trio also performed at the Glen Ellyn Public Library while the rest of us were having fun by Lake Michigan in Kenosha!

We're so lucky to have been able to perform #wink in so many different spaces, and to meet so many new folks this week. Every show is a new experience, and we get to hear our audience crack up at the amazing online dating mis-adventures of our single girl in the city.

A couple of my favorite moments from the week came from our youngest audience members. We were in the middle of sound check, and a young mom came up to me asking if she could sit up close with her son - he had been fussy as they were touring the Cultural Center, and had totally snapped into focus the second we started playing.

Our other good friend, DJ, came to our performance in Naperville. When his parents asked him how he liked the concert he said it was "a dream come true!" Why was this? After watching us on WGN, apparently he had a dream the previous night that he got to see Eric and Melissa play their instruments live on stage, and that day he woke up and actually got to see it happen. And, he was sporting a snazzy tie!

This was the best way to spend a week, and it was so much fun to see the show develop over the last several days. Looking forward to the week to come, with visits at New Field Elementary and preparations for our next trip to Concordia University in Ann Arbor!