"Chocolate Chip Pancakes"

Tell us about your ideal day off. If you spent a whole day procrastinating, doing things for fun instead of doing schoolwork, what would you do?

PA1207_Chocolate-chip-pancakes-with-cinnamon-cream_lg"So, if I had the whole day off I would stay in my pajamas the whole day. I would probably stay at home and I would think of a start cause I told you I had two little 3 year old daughters, and a little 7 month old daughter, and I liked to get up in the morning with them, and I liked to make my coffee, and then I liked to lay around for a little bit, and then I liked to play with them, and then I liked to make chocolate chip pancakes…cause those are my favorite in the morning, and then we would eat are pancakes, and then I’d probably playing on the floor with her toys, and then I’d get out some music, cause I liked to listen to all different kinds of music, and probably I’d put on Raffy…cause we like Raffy at my house. We’d have a dance party. My daughter likes to make up dance moves, so we’d like to make up dance moves for a while. So, we’d go down and watch a movie, I think her favorite movie is The Lion King, so I think we’d probably watch The Lion King, and then we’d probably make some popcorn as a mid-morning snack, and we’d go back upstairs and eat some lunch, and then we’d all take a nap altogether. That’s my story."