"Space's Magic Prince"

Tell us about your ideal day off. If you spent a whole day procrastinating, doing things for fun instead of doing schoolwork, what would you do?

607388main_messenger_orbit_image20111201_1_4by3_946-710"Once upon a time I wished upon a star for the best day ever.  When I woke up that day that day, I found myself on Mercury.  I searched all over Mercury, and then I found the teleportation pad.  I walked into the teleportation pad, then I was transported onto one of Saturn’s moons where I found aliens.  I was scared, but the aliens treated me like royalty. I asked the aliens why they treated me like royalty.  The aliens told me I was their magic prince.  They gave me a magic scepter and crown.  They said their real prince was in a well on earth.  I saved their prince.  Then I teleported myself to earth, then I made sure I was never teleported back to one of Saturn’s moons so I could keep the crown and the scepter."