The Yellow Brick Road!

page0001I don't always get to go to 5HE rehearsals, but when I do, I get super excited about it!  Right now I'm getting ready to head downtown for a refresher run through of our piano trio program from last year, In Transit: #thisrocks. Tomorrow, 5HE is taking part in The Yellow Brick Road, a full day of arts entrepreneurial workshops hosted by the University of Western Michigan, which ends with a performance of In Transit: #thisrocks.  During the day tomorrow, Whitnie, Eric, and Melissa will be leading Arts Start-Up and Putting Your Audience Center Stage workshops, as well as joining participants and presenters in round table discussions and break out sessions.  And the whole thing ends with an awesome performance!

As I mentioned in my last WIBP, I'm pretty excited about all of the traveling 5HE is doing this winter/spring, and I'm extra excited for this one because even though we're not supposed to have favorites, this piano trio program is one of my not so secret favorite programs we play.  David T. Little's Piano Trio is chock full of energy and excitement, and Mendelssohn's Trio in D Minor and JacobTV's Nivea Hair Care Styling Mousse move me in so many different ways!  And, between the power of the music combined with the power of the story we tell, I may or may not cry once or twice every time we perform this. :)

If you're near Kalamazoo tomorrow, you should check this out!