"Herine's Perfect Day"

Tell us about your ideal day off. If you spent a whole day procrastinating, doing things for fun instead of doing schoolwork, what would you do?

"I think I would sleep in really, really late. Like 10 o’clock, or 11 o’clock. And when I wake up the sun is shining and it’s not dark anymore and I can hear the birds outside and I decide that I’m going to go for a run. I’m going to go for a run by the lake. Lake Michigan (which isn’t that far away from you guys). And, so I’m going to go for run because of the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful weather and we haven’t had warm weather in a long time so it’s time for me to run by the lake. And when I’m done running, I notice there’s an ice cream stand. So I go to the ice cream stand and I just undo... I... all the calories I just burned from my run, now I’m now I’m going to make up for the wall and just undo all the calories I just burned. And I don’t care because it is my day off and I can do whatever I want and so I get a strawberry ice cream and a sugar cone and it’s really really tasty. And then I go back to my house and I realize that there’s this book that I’ve wanted to read for a really long time and I haven’t had any time to read it. So I pick up my book and I read for a while. And my phone is on silent, so I don’t have to pick it up. I don’t even think about... I don’t even have to think about anything except me, which is pretty crazy."