"Biking and BBQ"

Tell us about your ideal day off. If you spent a whole day procrastinating, doing things for fun instead of doing schoolwork, what would you do?

photo"What I’d love to do would be to start by sleeping a lot and staying in my bed. I would then go and get a nice big breakfast, thinking I would have some pancakes, some bacon and eggs. And I would probably have a lot of coffee. Then I would probably get on my bike and go biking by the lake, maybe down to , who knows, Millenium Park – I’d explore the park there and the fountains there and watch all the kids playing in the fountains. Maybe I’d even take my shoes off and go play in the fountains myself a little bit. Then I’d go and look at all the  people making funny faces at the bean. Then I’d probably ride my bike back home and maybe have a cookout, cause I’m thinking my day off is in the summertime. So I wanna go and cook a hamburger on the grill outside and then, I don’t know, might just be a little lazy and watch TV, maybe watch a baseball game. And I think that would be one of my perfect days off."