Music and Cupcake Trucks, Not a Good Combo for Rehearsal

This little insight into a rehearsal for In Transit: #thisrocks is from Drew.  Today was our first run through and tech run of the show, so I thought it would be fitting to share this with you all today.  After preparing for the show by studying the scores with recordings, it was so great to hear the music played live finally!  I hope you are able to catch In Transit: #thisrocks so you can hear the music from Fifth House Ensemble's piano trio (Drew, Herine, and Adam) and experience this wonderful and moving story.  In Transit: #thisrocks performs on December 15th at 7pm at the Chicago Cultural Center and on December 16th at 6:30pm at Chicago Park District's Indian Boundary Park.  

So today, in rehearsal, Adam said to Herine, "were you trying to conduct my solo line?  'cause that's rude."  Herine said, "no, I was distracted."  Adam said, "were you looking out the window?"  Herine said, "yes, there was a cupcake truck."  After I stopped laughing 20 minutes later, I realized that we can be pretty goofy.  That made me think of other goofy musicians, chiefly Glenn Gould.  Despite being a genius, Glenn Gould was pretty goofy/weird.  He carried the same small chair with him everywhere to play on.  He refused to perform publicly after the age of 31.  He did lots and lots of prescription drugs that weren't recommended to him (personally, I don't recommend it).  Anyhow, he's goofy in a slightly different way than Herine, but plays well nonetheless.  Here is a link to some of my favorite recordings of his.  Try not to let his humming bother you.