School Trip to the Zoo

Tell us about a time you went to a zoo, aquarium, pet store, or animal shelter. What did you notice about the animals who were inside the cages? How do you think they felt about being there?


"Ok, so, I don’t know where to start. When I was younger I use to love to go to the zoo. My parents would take me all the time. But then, in about sixth grade I just didn’t go until last year, and I’m sixteen so that’s a longtime.

And I went to the zoo for Algebra, doesn’t make any sense, but I did. And, I went and I was looking at all the animals, and I noticed that they're still cool looking, they're really like awesome, and I think I love the elephants and stuff. But, they don’t look happy, they just kind of, they're just kind of there.

And it kind of relates to your guys' stories, how they're, like, putting on a show. And, also, the song that we heard, I kind of thought it was like a puppeteer and how we bring the animals over expecting them to put on a show for, like, the puppeteer to make them entertain for us. And it just kind of made me sad when I was at the zoo. Instead I just focused on my Algebra."