The Ugly Chicken

Tell us about a time you went to a zoo, aquarium, pet store, or animal shelter. What did you notice about the animals who were inside the cages? How do you think they felt about being there?


"Ok, so, my mom’s sister, my aunt, they live in Michigan, and it’s like this really small town. They have like a lot of room cause they have a lot of land. And so when I was a lot younger they had chickens there, and I was only staying there for a few days, so I didn’t really get to see them a lot.

But, we would go get eggs in the morning, and they were really big and kind of ugly, and my cousin who is my age is like "they're so annoying in the morning. I can’t wait til’ we can just eat them and kill them." I was like, "oh my gosh!"

But a then, later, a few years later when I went back to stay with them for a week, or two weeks. I don’t remember. But they had chickens, again, but this time they were just little babies, and they were so cute, and we had spent so much time with them, just playing with them. And we would give them all like little names, cause sometimes you can recognize which one was which. Like one of them, whenever we tried to take a picture of it they would like run up to the camera, like it was, “Ah,” some kind of superstar. I guess it loved getting pictures taken.

And we would take them in a little box to my little cousin’s softball game, and all the little kids would like play with them. And then, and then, there was one of them that it was like the ugly duckling. It had brown feathers, and it was always my favorite one cause it would do like, stupid stuff, like running around.

And, I don’t remember what we named it, but I remember that, umm, in a couple of days it was just dead. It was just laying their dead, and we were so sad. And, it was weird to think how when they were just babies, and they were so cute, and to get so upset when they die. But, after, how when they grow up she was just wanting them to die cause they get so annoying and ugly.

And, it’s weird to think that it's just the same exact animal. But, when they're like cute and little, you love it. But when it's big and ugly you don’t. But it's actually the same exact thing, so it's weird to think of it like that."