The Augmented Fifth - 11/12/2017

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fifth House Ensemble, fresh off our tour from Austin, Texas, is celebrating Chicago's first snowfall of the year by getting the hell out of here and heading to Michigan! Melissa, Herine, and Katherine will be taking the "Soundings Trio" to Michigan State University to work with students and give performances and masterclasses. For those of you who firmly stand by your belief that ping pong balls and balloons are not musical instruments, come see us in Detroit so we can thoroughly prove you wrong in front of a live audience!

The Journey LIVE tour from last week was a great success and we had a wonderful time working with Austin Wintory as well as our lovely gamers to bring the show to life. Not only did we get to perform for the University of Texas - Austin community, but we were also able to perform for a hall of upwards of 1500 students from surrounding middle schools and high schools. If any of you are reading this, thanks for screaming so loud that I thought I was famous. 



MusicTown Detroit, 2301 Woodward Ave, Detroit, Michigan

November 17, 2017 - 6:00PM



Behold my foreshadowing! For those of you who enjoy seeing what kind of different sounds you can make with your mouth, check this out. Alash Ensemble is a traditional Tuvan throat singing group that has perfected a style of music that is both culturally rich and extremely different from anything you'll find in the United States. Listen to this track that my parents raved as "I don't understand" and "What are they wearing?" As for the foreshadowing...


TOP 10

  1. Hold onto your collective butts, Tuva! Fifth House Ensemble received a MacArthur Foundation grant to work with Alash Ensemble next season. We are super thrilled to be supported so generously! For those of you Fifth House fans out there, this is the same grant that allowed our partnership with Baladino and the release of our album, Nedudim.

  2. Are you one of those people who sneezes gumdrops and drools tinsel at the thought of Christmas? Give the phrase "Thanksgiving Bird" an entirely new meaning by foregoing the turkey and skipping right ahead to the holiday with actual gifts by purchasing Fifth House's album, O Emmanuel. Did I mention it's being considered for a Grammy nomination?

  3. Fifth House will be working alongside the Guild Literary Complex and Unsilence to present, "Each Other's Harvest", an annual summit on homelessness. We will be performing with some of the women we've worked with from Deborah's Place and joining in this important discussion. If that all sounds too serious for you, come see Danny play a piano in a place that isn't the dorm rooms of University of Wisconsin - Parkside. It'll be a treat!

  4. Herine's mom commented that one of our photos from Texas was "wonderfuk". Don't go looking for it, it's long gone.

  5. Shout out to Alex Olsavsky for stealing any hopes I had of having any fans in Texas with her beautiful siren song.

  6. Melissa bought me dinner. Thanks!

  7. UT Austin put an ad for Journey LIVE on the side of a truck. I guess our show was really MOVING! Can you believe that joke only made it to #7??

  8. Michael took no prisoners and made scary sound effects with his viola. Gives me chills every time.

  9. Charlene introduced me to Torchy's Tacos in Austin. Just another thing I love that I can't have...

  10. Katherine successfully hid tissues and cough drops in her concert clothes for use on stage. Congratulations on being crafty.



Michigan bound yo!

But just for three musicians

We're so flexible



Everyone deals with travel days a little differently. Me? I like to mess with people while they're asleep. Good luck everyone else in Fifth House, this video could be featuring you very soon!




Torchy's Tacos from Austin. You will be missed, dear friends.



Remember that time we forgot the audience was still in the building? We should probably play something



Jessica Wolfe

Thanks for holding down the fort while we were gone!