The Augmented Fifth - 11/5/2017

Sunday, November 5, 2017

It’s official! We here at Fifth House Ensemble are starting a dedicated blog that you can follow to see all of our goings on both serious and not so serious. We’ll be posting every Sunday as we prep for the week! Enough exposition, let’s get to that juicy, succulent, sweet, delicious, content.

Fifth House is off to Austin this week for performances of Journey LIVE and to work with students at the university. If you’re in the area come to the concert! You might be saying to yourself, “There is no way that I am going to spend my valuable evening watching a video game. Thanks but no thanks”

You’ve got some attitude mister….

I can assure you that this concert experience is nothing like you’ve seen before. Not only do you view a beautiful story, but you get to watch chamber music at it’s most primal. Musicians will be communicating not only with each other, but with the actions of live gamers on screen. Every show is different, so come to see what happens to us this time!



University of Texas - Austin

Bass Concert Hall 2350 Robert Dedman Dr Austin, TX 78712

November 8, 2017 - 8:00PM



Halloween is sadly over but that didn’t stop me from spending each and every hour of my free time becoming more acquainted with Stranger Things. Hot damn do I love a good bunch of creepy things on my TV. The 80s vibe also got me digging through my music library to find some mullet tingling goodness like Wango Tango from Ted Nugget Nugent. Turn up your speakers, crack open a Tab, and slide into your living room with underwear and socks Risky Business style.


TOP 10

  1. Our final performance at Nancy B. Jefferson is happening on Monday, November 6 at 5pm. These kids did an amazing job working on graphic scores and making connections to Langston Hughes’ A Dream Deferred and “A Raisin in the Sun”. Looking forward to an amazing performance by these young men!

  2. The Fifth House bachelor count continues to shrink as Elizandro got married. On the plus side, his ring makes his trills shiny and sparkly.

  3. Danny will play through Journey for the 506th time on Monday for our rehearsal. You think that he’d learn to build the cloth bridge faster but I guess we’ll just wait.

  4. Parker gets to drive his first rent-a-car on Wednesday when Fifth House lands in Texas. Don’t tell anyone.

  5. Dan let some stranger take a drill to one of his teeth. Rumor has it that it went well and that the person did in fact have a degree in dentistry. More detail to come.

  6. Deuce streamed some Oregon Trail on Friday night. It was dysentery-tastic.

  7. Herine is hosting a NO SOUP FOR YOU Party on Sunday. It’s a wonderful chance for us to interact with each other without having to take ourselves off mute on our conference line first.

  8. Eric went to a Dream Factory show. Apparently someone else has 80s fever.

  9. Melissa made it through another week without hitting her head on anything. We have high hopes for her to stay bruise free, but airplanes can be a little cramped so I have my doubts.

  10. Charlene played some high notes. Ouch.



On tour in Texas

In-N-Out, all I will eat

Also, Journey LIVE



Texas is a dangerous place. Be ready to see me do this exact thing if I step on anything that has a pulse.




What I’m making for the soup party. BRACE YOURSELVES ARTERIES!



Hey! It's everyone's favorite big red dog! 



Elizandro Garcia-Montoya

Congratulations to you and your wife!