The Devil's Work

Our Weaver is back, and she's got new tricks up her sleeves. In the last show, she brought together two stories, but in the next installment (February 15 and 16), there are three independent stories intertwined. It makes for an incredibly complicated storyboard, but promises a striking show. We all know the tale of Cinderella, but Disney made some serious adjustments to make it kid-friendly. In the original tale, women mutilate their feet to fit the shoes, trying to assume the mold of the prince's ideal woman. In The Robber Bridegroom, a woman is promised to a man in marriage only to find out that he is a brutal murderer. Finally, in How The Devil Married Three Sisters, young women discover their husband's horrible secret... Any way you cut it, this show is probably not suitable for children under the age of 12, which is kind of exciting for a classical music concert!

Musically speaking, we are going a bit out on a limb. We are playing the incredible Beethoven Septet, the epitome of a large-ensemble sound. Paired with that is Elliott Carter's Sonata for Flute, Oboe, Cello, and Harpsichord. I can't imagine a classical work that sounds more different! The dialogue they establish is fascinating, and parallels the balance between the gallantry of Cinderella with the barbarism of the other tales. Smack dab in the middle, you'll here us cover "Hysteria" by one of our favorite groups, Muse. In other words, we have something old, something new, something borrowed..... I think you should all wear blue to the show.

We have an amazing cast of actors, including the return of Lindsey Marks as The Weaver. Another incredible video installation by Steve Emmons, Kerry Yang, and music by Craig Marks. But we'll also have a few new tricks up our sleeves in terms of video. You're sure to enjoy the show, so come check it out!

The Weaver's Tale: of cinderella and the devil Tuesday, February 15 at 7pm - Preston Bradley Hall at the Chicago Cultural Center Wednesday, February 16 at 8pm - The Mayne Stage in Rogers Park