What's YOUR Story? -- Caught: The Web Edition


Last week, we set off on our next story gathering adventure!  As you might remember from the fall, as part of this year’s community-based, narrative chamber music series, Caught, we have been hosting free multi-generational Story Circle Workshops to gather stories for our performances.  In the fall, we gathered stories from people in communities and classrooms about times they felt trapped or how they felt when the witnessed others trapped.  Now that it’s spring (or so they say, brrrrrr!!), we’re gathering more stories, and we’d love to have you participate!

At these fun workshops, 5HE members work with participants of all ages pairing stories and music. Stories are created based off thematic prompts that directly relate to Caught: The Web.  5HE has loved gathering stories in the Austin and Humboldt Park communities, and we’re excited to continue our work in Washington Park, as well as a handful of schools in these areas.  Working in these different communities allows us to engage with members from various backgrounds, and we end up with stories reflecting voices from across Chicago.

These stories will be worked into part three of our series, Caught: The Web. These concerts will be performed free of charge in May at three Chicago Park District venues, as well as at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Please join us on Friday, April 5, 2013 for our final in person Story Circle Workshop to share your story and take part in this exciting step in our story telling process!

Friday, April 5, 2013 5:00-6:00pm Washington Park Field House Chicago Park District 5531 South Martin Luther King Drive


But wait!  You don't have to live in the Chicago area or come to Washington Park to participate!  5HE wants to hear everyone's stories!  Here's how you can participate in two easy steps:

1.  Read these prompts that directly relate to Caught: The Web.  (We're posting the prompts on a separate page so as not to spoil the workshop for anyone who might want to come in with a clean slate.)

2.  Submit your responses to these prompts.  Click here for instructions on how to submit your responses via Facebook, Twitter, email, or Youtube.

And that's it!  For your responses to be considered as content for Caught: The Web, please submit them by 11:59pm on Tuesday, April 9, 2013.  That gives our fabulous collaborators time to work them into the story!