Day 1 - Getting to Know You

Today, everyone arrived by lunchtime, so we could finally get down to business! Our first major 5HE-led activity was a workshop with vocalists and instrumentalists on rehearsal techniques, since the festival is all about new chamber music.

We had great questions about how to prepare for rehearsals, how to communicate well musically and non-musically, how to create a great group dynamic, and how to be open to receiving new ideas (including criticism)!

As Jen Beattie put it, these skills apply in the rest of our lives as well - making us better to work with, and better people in general (or so we hope!).

During the workshop, we got to throw out a TON of chamber music scores so folks could pick their poison for the next 2 weeks.

Crumbs all over the floor!

After dinner, we enjoyed some well-deserved rec time, which some people used to play sports...

I (Melissa) on the other hand will be using one of these boats. Unsupervised. Be afraid.

We're also getting plenty of time to practice. Herine has her own sun room, which she is making good use of.

Later that evening, a campfire with getting-to-know-you games led by Elliott, composer, violinist, and Point Counterpoint veteran.

This was followed by smores, my best part of every day.


And after that, we celebrated Jenny's 18th birthday, with a surprise guest. This little bugger was the biggest moth we've ever seen (unmounted). Herine's finger is in the shot to prove it.



  Fifth House Ensemble