New Music on the Point - We Arrived!

By air and by car, we've arrived in Lake Dunmore at last for New Music on the Point!

What an amazing place to be making music this summer. Lake, trees, beach, kayaks, and copious amounts of DEET. And no, none of the natural sprays work out here, folks.

While we are here, we will not be starving. These two lovely folks, Melissa and Steve, will make sure of that:

Our cloth napkins go in these cans, and every day magic elves put fresh silverware into them. Amazing!

Today's lunch was corn/black bean salad, cottage cheese, and fried polenta. Many of the participants are vegetarians, so we'll be getting our share of the fresh stuff. Never fear, carnivores - I hear jerk chicken is on the menu for later.



The music-making and living takes place in cabins like these:

and we are sharing the Point with tons of fun little creatures like this one:

In this morning's staff meeting, Jillian (our esteemed collaborative pianist) asked if anyone else heard the crazy owl last night. To which Jenny Beck (den mother extraordinaire) said...that's not an owl...that's a BEAR.

Well, at least if we die at the paws of a grizzly, we'll have images like this to remind us that it was worth it.





  Fifth House Ensemble